About company

«CASHTRADING» – is a subsidiary of «Cashbery» holding company which deals with trading on the largest stock exchanges around the world. This is a union of professional traders who give their work 100% of their creative potential, strength and energy, constantly improving their trading skills, aimed at achieving exceptionally high results for their customers. High-quality traders with average trading experience of 8 years are gathered under our association.

«CASHTRADING» experts trading on the three most volatile markets - CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange), futures market - urgent exchange contracts for the purchase of the underlying asset, MOEX exchange (Moscow stock exchange), stock market and FORTS urgent section - speculation with futures contracts, Crypto-Currency Exchange Poloniex, Bittrex, Bitfinex - the most reliable exchanges with the largest turnover of funds.

Why do people choose us?

1. The most experienced pool of traders with an average return of 40% per month is gathered under our leadership, in our opinion.

2. Narrow trade specialization of each trader. Our trader, strong in intraday trading, will never trade with «long terms»; professional operation of each trader within its competence.

3. Our own risk management department strictly monitors compliance with the established rate of maximum drawdown during trading; safety of your investments is ensured.

4. Our investors are presented quarterly reports on the transactions made providing detailed and transparent information from exchanges where trade is conducted.

5. We allocate investor funds in several directions - this is a futures market, shares, crypto currency and use algorithmic trading, which gives us an instrument for diversifying and hedging investor money.

6. We use not only the money of investors for trading but also our own, and often in equal proportions.

Profitability calculator

$25 000
$75 000
$100 000
Your investment: $7 000
Current bid: 1.4% per day
Daily charge: $7 000
At this rate, the investment will be closed through: 10000 days
You'll get: $14 000
Net profitability: $7 000

*You will get +100% to the investment.

Investment offer

Available currencies CashberyCoin, USD, EUR, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Monero, Zcash
Amount of investment from $50 to $100 000
Term of the work from 135 to 400 days
Profitability floating from 0.5 to 1.5% per day
Current yield 1.4% per day
Completion of investment when reaching +100% to the principal amount
Return of the principal investment no
Have questions?
We will be happy to answer:
8 800 302 88 39
For the Partner

Referral fees

The partnership program is paid on the basis of the «percentage of investment + percentage of the daily income of an involved». For example: 3.5% of the amount is paid when the partner creates an investment. 3.5% are paid on a daily basis from each dividend being paid to the partner throughout the life of the investment as well. The size of referral remuneration depends on the size of your personal active investments, and the higher your personal contribution, the more levels of the partner program are opened for you.

* Remunerations from investments in your partner structure involved in the period when you do not have personal investments or investments raised in levels that are not available for receiving rewards under a partnership program, will not be included in the structure and will not be reflected in the calculation of managerial bonuses. Investments raised earlier than this period will not bring you a partner's income and will be considered irretrievably lost for getting a partner reward when replenishing your personal investment to the maximum level.
For example: your personal monthly investment is $0. For this period, turnover of $1 million has been made in your partner structure, this means that investments will be credited neither in the volume of the structure nor in the calculation of manager bonuses; only the amount of investments raised after the creation of your personal investment will be included in the volume in accordance with the table of the partner program.

Career Rewards

* The amount of active investments is the sum of all your personal open investments in the system.

** The volume of the main branch is a personally invited partner, with the largest amount of money in the structure. The volume of the main branch is considered in depth of 5 levels from your personally invited partner that is 6 levels from you.

*** The volume of the side branch is the amount of all investments of your partners, with the exception of the main and auxiliary branches (6 levels from you).

**** Volume of the auxiliary branch is personally invited partner, with the second largest amount of money in the structure. The volume of the auxiliary branch is considered to be in the depth of 5 levels from your personally invited partner, that is 6 levels from you.

***** Volume of the 2nd auxiliary branch is personally invited partner with the third largest amount of money in the structure. The volume of the 2nd auxiliary branch is considered in depth of 5 levels from your personally invited partner, that is 6 levels from you.

****** Volume of the 3rd auxiliary branch is a personally invited partner with the fourth largest amount of money in the structure. The volume of the 3rd auxiliary branch is considered in depth of 5 levels from your personally invited partner, that is 6 levels from you.

Rewards for personal activity

* Volume is the amount of raised investments of partners in the first line for a period.

** Period is the time interval from the first to the last day of each month.

*** Amount of a one-time fee is charged every month on the 1st day, and depends on the status at the end of the previous month.

**** Percentage of additional remuneration is added to the declared marketing for the referral program for the next calendar month after the status is fulfilled. Confirmation of the status is required to renew the next month.

Office program

Investing in «CASHTRADING»

Operating in the trend market

We keep pace with the times, conducting daily analysis of the market and trends, choosing the most relevant directions for obtaining the highest return on the investment pool.

Using artificial intelligence

Special computer algorithms (algorithmic trading) are used in some types of trading, in particular HFT - high-frequency trading, which analyzes and commits thousands of transactions per second, giving an advantage over other bidders.

Low investment risks

Distribution of investment capital in several areas of the market, own risk management department, and working with the most profitable assets create favorable conditions for the investor and minimize the risk component as much as possible.

Investment attractiveness

We are operating in high profitability market segment, our traders are ready to earn more than 40% per month, using their professional skills and advantages over other market participants.

Work in the real sector of the economy

Currencies of all world countries are traded in trade exchanges as well as all world indices and raw materials (oil, gas, coal, gold and others). Turnovers of major exchanges are trillions of dollars a year, exchanges are controlled by the legislation of the countries in which they are represented; this is a completely legal and legitimate way of earning money.

Opportunity for career growth

It is possible to receive a reward by involving new investors to our platform in accordance with the loyalty program, which depends on the size of your own investments.
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User agreement

Arthur Vardanyan
Board Chairman of Cashbery Group, the director of «Cashbery Limited», the director of «Cashtrading Limited», Financial Officer and business trainer
We are glad to welcome you on our platform «CASHTRADING» this is the third platform of Cashbery holding which trades in the main financial markets. Within the framework of this platform, you can profitably invest your own funds, using the opportunities of our traders and features of the financial market as well as earn on the partnership program and getting training on the basics of profitable trading.